Facial Paralysis

A girl aged 13 yrs of age reported to us with chief complaints of deviation of her face towards her right hand side, not able to eat or drink properly and the left eyelid was not completely closing.

Dermatological Problem : Pityriasis Alba

A female aged 35 yrs reported to us with complaints of Whitish Patches over the neck and the back region. according to the patient these patches were there since 3 months with gradual increase in their number and size along with itching in them.

Foot Eczema

Nephrolithiasis – Kidney Stones

Frozen Shoulder

Skin Allergies & Eczema

A young male aged 22 yrs old, tiffin distributor by profession (E.W.S. class) who was suffering from recurrent eczema-skin allergies over his Thighs and groin regions for past 2 years. He was on allopathic treatment.

Foot Eczema Case – iii

A male Patient aged 34 years (EWS), having purulent dischage from the eczeamatous patches in the feet, hands (both sides) was treated successfully within 21 days.

Ectopic Dermatitis