Medicated Enema (Basti)

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Medicated Enema (Basti)

It is medicated enema where the mixture of the herbal decoctions or oils is administered through the rectal route. According to the conditions of the patients prior oleation and Nadi Sveda may be administered over the abdominal areas. It is done over a period of 7 to 21 days. Basti treatment is extremely useful in all types of Muscular and Joint pains, Arthritis, Backache, Sciatica, Numbness in body parts, Obesity, Heart Disorders, High Cholesterol, chronic constipation and all types of Vataja Disorders.

In Ayurveda enemas are called Basti (Vasti). Ayurvedic Bastis (Vastis) can be very helpful in a variety of complaints. This section is for general information only. As Ayurveda is a very complex topic and includes diet and lifestyle changes please visit a Ayurvedic practitioner or Vedya before attempting to administer an ayurvedic Basti.

“Basti” literally means bag/container/bladder. In ancient times, sterilized urinary bladders of animals were used to instil the enema, hence the name of the procedure is Basti Karma.

They involve the introducing of liquids like medicated oils, herbal concoctions and milk through the perineum (through the anus, urinary meatus or vaginal orifice in women) in order to clean or heal the lower part of the body (below umbilical part). The toxins (ama) accumulated in the lower part of the body or the toxins pushed to the colon, urinary tract or reproductive tract by previous ayurvedic procedures like Oil-therapy (snehan) or Sweat-therapy (swedan) can be cleared with bastis.