The Treatment modules are designed by the Team of our Physicians after the thorough examinations and Prakriti Analysis along with the Dosha-Analysis of the patient. Based on this critical analysis the Treatment Module is finalized along with the duration of the module. The duration of these modules may vary in every patient in accordance to his /her Prakriti and intensity of the Disease.
  • Assorted treatments for 3 days to remove toxins from the body.
  • 1 day purgation – (Panchakarma – Virechana treatment).
  • 4 days Rejuvenation treatments.
  • Dhara for relief from stress and strain.
  • Akshitarpana to rejuvenate and relax eyes.
  • De-toxification, purification in detailed manner.
  • 7 days – Different Snehana (Massage) and Swedana (Steam) treatments with internal medicines. NasyamDharaAkshitapana etc.
  • 1 day – Purgation – Virechana
  • 7 days – Rejuvenation treatments (Basti – Sneha Basti & Kashaya Basti are included.)
  • De-toxification, purification in detailed manner.
  • 10 days – preparation for detoxifying purification
  • 1 day – the detoxification process
  • 10 days – Rejuvenation treatments

Curative treatments :

The team of Ayurvedic physicians at Bhagwati Ayurveda efficiently provides curative treatments for major illness prevalent today. Although the time duration of these curative therapies are slightly longer (2-3 weeks) but to have maximum results the team of physicians deliver their best.
Major ailments along with their probable treatment duration is as follows
Rheumatoid arthritis 3 weeks
Osteo-arthritis 3 weeks
Frozen Shoulder 3 weeks
Lumbar & Cervical Spondylosis 3 weeks
Neurological disorders 3 weeks
Digestive disorders 2 weeks
Cardiac disorders 2 weeks
Skin Diseases – Psoriasis, Eczemas 2 weeks to 25 days
Obesity 3 weeks
Stress and Strain Related problems 2 weeks
Piles 2 weeks
Diabetes 2 weeks
Geriatric Care 2-3 weeks
Weight Loss 3 weeks
Headaches 2 weeks
Paralysis 4 weeks
Paraplagia 4 weeks
Sinusitis 2 weeks
Gastric Problems 2 weeks
Insomnia 2 weeks
Upper Respiratory Tract Problems 2-3 weeks