What We Offer

Our motto is to provide the best quality of Ayurveda & Panchakarma treatments with the help of qualified, trained and skilled manpower with adequate cleanliness & under strict hygienic conditions to our clients at the most reasonable rates with attractive packages. Personal attention is given to each & every patient during their treatment.

Neuro-Spinal Care

Ayurvedic investigations help in diagnosing the complex chain reaction which involves several sub-doshas. Merged with ayurvedic treatment for neurological problems and therapies, a vast number of neurological disorders are now being treated and they are responding well.

Heart Blockage Treatment Therapy

Ayurvedic Treatment For Coronary Artery Blockage Without Surgery! Coronary artery blockage is caused due to the build-up of the cells, fat and cholesterol which is called as plaque, which leads to a lack of blood supply to the heart muscles.

Relaxation Herbal Body Massage

Ayurvedic massage has tremendous benefits to the mind, body, skin and immune system. It involves copious amounts of oil and a unique two or one-therapist sequence that relaxes and softens the tissues.

Anxiety , Stress, Depression, Insomnia treatment

Today’s most commonly searched keyword in google is “Anxiety Depression and Stress“. Anxiety disorder can be solved through alternative medicine, which has Ayurveda cures it through simple natural treatment and Ayurvedic medicine and herbal medicine.

Auto Immune Diseases

At BAPRC, while treating Auto Immune Dieases, we contemplate grave disease situations with powerful tools of ‘Detoxification’ by amalgamating the Vedic principles of Ayurveda with the modern latest knowledge of Contemporary Science, tools & technology. This approach of treatment yields better and sustained results that too without any side or toxic effects .

Strength Areas

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ulcerative Colitis, Avascular Necrosis, Psoriasis We have treated several hundreds of patients successfully without any side effects of such dreadful chronic Auto-immune diseases (Screen shots of google reviews can be attached for authenticity)

Allergies & Respiratory Discomfort

COPD, Bronchial Asthma, Sinusitis


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Lifestyle Disorderes

Obesity, Hyper-Acidity, GERD, Constipation, Thyroid

Psychiatric & Mental Problems

Stress, Anxiety, Depression


A migraine is a primary headache disorder characterized by recurrent headaches that are moderate to severe.

Kidney Diseases

Chronic Renal Failure, Renal Calculus, Urinary Tract Infections